For over 20 years, Eagle’s View Construction has been working with General Contractors to provide the most useful, concise, and well-buttoned service possible.  From the earliest phases of your project, EVC is uniquely positioned to provide coordination and management of your entire Structural Steel (CSI Div 5) and Rough Wood (CSI Div 6) package.  Our long-established relationships with steel fabricators, deck and joist manufacturers, engineered wood products companies, and dimensional lumber suppliers give you full-scope coverage and saves any concerns about playing referee between supply and install on your project.

Some of our Customer relationships have spanned the entire 20 year history of our little company, some of our Employee relationships as well.  It’s no wonder that experience like that causes continued success!

So far as we’ve been able to discern, not only are we one of the few Division 5 & 6 Subcontractors capable of doing our work this way, but we’re one of the only to have a full-time Estimator, Project Coordinator, Project Manager, and an HR/Safety Staffer; all with a combined 70+ year’s experience in Construction.  We have also come to learn that our Worker’s Compensation Experience Modifier Rate is one of the lowest (if not the lowest) of all Structural Steel Erection companies in the Pacific Northwest!

Our seasoned and certified field crew’s combined experience would astound you, and our small family company feel makes us as flexible as you’d expect a “Mom & Pop” Subcontractor to be.  However, our projects in 2015 ranged from as low as “just under” $1,000 and well over $1,000,000.  EVC takes great pride in our company culture and our focus on making our General Contractor’s lives easier.

When it comes time to initiate the bidding phase of your next project, just let us know precisely what you’d like from us at Eagle’s View Construction and before long you’ll find a complete scope Lump Sum Bid in response to your need!

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